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To support this, Templar aim to enhance an on-trade retailer’s reputation for wine, by not only ensuring all staff are confident in the wines they sell but also by helping create a wine culture amongst the outlets’ clientele themselves. This multiple approach ensures a better wine experience amongst all concerned, with a trend towards balancing must-stock favourites with more eclectic, exciting and interesting wines being sold and experienced.

As a result of all these shared values, Templar are absolutely delighted to be working as the key wine supplier with Whittles Bar and Restaurant.  It was evident straight away that this was a business that wanted to offer a premium experience, something a little unique but was very clear about its location and the part it would play in the local community.

Being based on the Nuffield Trading Estate, within ten minutes of Broadstone, Templar are particularly proud and excited to be working with a team that is set to take the local dining experience to another level.

We look forwards to a long and successful relationship with the Whittles team.

Templar Wines are the largest independent specialist wine merchant in Dorset. We import and wholesale quality restaurant wines from all the major wine producing countries, and some lesser represented ones too.

As a business our key customers tend to be restaurants and wine bars with a quality food proposition.  This is where Templar have the depth of wine range to best complement that businesses specific requirements.  

Keeping abreast of consumer trends, our range has developed in the past two years to enhance the selection of organic, biodynamic, sustainably produced and vegan friendly wines that the best restaurants and bars on the South Coast are being asked for.

There is nothing better than working with restaurants that are aiming for high standards and wish to offer a unique experience to their customers.

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