Why Whittle's?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Whittle’s Restaurant and Bar is a modern European style restaurant, because that’s what we love to eat. Started by two Dorset locals, Whittle’s is the culmination of a love of good food, good wine and a good time. Working with Head Chef Andy Taylor, Whittle’s takes traditional flavours, products and food and combines them, with a great wine list and cocktail bar. The key however to this being a great restaurant comes within its ability to build ambiance and merriment. Whittles is a good time restaurant, where the drinks are flowing, the music is fun and the staff are always happy to serve you.

The interior style of Whittles is centred around a love of classic movies and classic architecture, which is why it has been designed from the inside to take you back to the 1920’s. Art Deco decoration and style elevates the restaurant and bar area, while bringing a level of sophistication and fun to everything that we do.

Our menu is honest good food, and we try to transform it as often as possible to celebrate seasonal produce, and flavours. We want to be able to offer traditional family Sunday Roasts for patrons of Whittles, while also being a great restaurant to visit on a special date or for a remarkable event.

Located in Broadstone Dorset, we are close to a buzzing high street that is home to many family run and family owned businesses. We are keen to share this spirit, and welcome everyone.

While we expand, we hope to be known locally as a great pace to come for calendared dates. We plan on showcasing our love for celebrations with carols and decorations at Christmas, romantic settings for valentines, a robust roast for Father’s Day and so much more. So, make sure you book in early for our planned events, to avoid disappointment.

For a long time, we have visited the restaurants and bars of Dorset, and we love to expand our knowledge and our taste buds. Over the last few years in particular there has been a huge expansion on the cuisine scene in our hometown, and we hope to be able to join some of the remarkable eateries that have garned great attention and great reputations.

We are excited to announce our opening in Autumn 2020, and we aspire after a year of unparalleled events to be a culinary star in our communities’ eyes. So, book a table, and sit down to eat with us, we cannot wait to welcome you.

The Whittle's Team

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