Our Staff Training

We are really excited to be able to offer detailed training to everyone who joins us here at Whittles. We have been careful when selecting the team that represent us and know that everyone hired is fabulous.

Bar Manager Mark has spent the last couple of weeks not only teaching our bar backs the efficiency of their role but teaching our bar team the mixology behind traditional cocktails and drinks. He will soon be bringing a one of a kind cocktail to Whittles, so make sure you keep an eye out for it, and give it an order as soon as it's added to our menu.

As a part of their training, our team met with some of the Whittles suppliers who introduced them to their produce. We welcomed Tom from Bear Faced Brewery into the bar who talked our team through the difference between IPA, Lagers and Beers. Those old enough, enjoyed a sample of some of their most delicious offerings too.

Matching our food to drinks that pair is part of the Whittles experience , so make sure that you ask our team (who are old enough to enjoy a tipple) which wines, beers and cocktails they would suggest enjoying with your meal.

Not just content with being a lunch and dinner spot, here at Whittles we aim to showcase great bakes and pastries with teas and coffees through the day. So much so, that all of our staff have taken professional barista training. So, if you wanted to pop in and join us for a cake or pastry, make sure you order a cappuccino or flat white too.

Most of the Whittles team have previous bar and waiting experience, which means that we have a strong team that we know you will love.

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